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Learn 7 Important Reasons Why Choosing Home Education Could be the Right Choice

Structure your child’s education on your terms.

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Sometimes good things need a little nudge.

There are those times when things look a little daunting and maybe out of the realm of possibility.  We are here to say all things are possible.  Unchartered waters only need a few elements.  You provide the desire and the will, we’ll help with navigation.


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According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, it is estimated that the human brain and heart consists of 73% water.  Lungs are made up of approximately 83% water.  Moral of the story, stay hydrated.

The U.S. Debt Clock estimates our country’s debt over 28 Trillion, 595 Billion dollars at this writing.  Access this information at

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At better school options, we believe more options will lead to better educational choices. A study from the University of Kansas concluded there were four commonly recognized learning styles; visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic. And success is largely dependent on matching student with learning style. Seldom is there one size fits all in the human experience and education is no different. We believe learning should be fun, engaging, and adventurous. Students will naturally internalize and boost retention by involving their senses and emotions. Additionally, internalizing helps us to become more proficient, elevating us to an increased level of authentic education.

We partner with some of the world’s best curriculum producers and offer new and gently used product throughout our site, plus provide links to manufacturers and publishers we wholeheartedly endorse. You will find shared blogs to help provide insight in determining your own educational strategy. As parents of five children, we have been actively evaluating and promoting educational resources for over 30 years. We are proponents of continued education for people of all ages and believe an active love of learning will remove most of life’s limitations. Moreover, we look forward to being a source of inspiration and resources in your epic journey of discovery.

We encourage you to share your questions, thoughts, suggestions, and personal victories in all things education.

Best Regards, Lon and Anita King

Questions, comments? We look forward to hearing from you.

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Education Takeaways

What in the world is a Farrier?  Here is a fascinating occupation but certainly a necessary one.  Run time 6 min, 11 sec.

For the aspiring pilot in the family.   A form of Origami can include paper airplane crafting.   Run time 6 min, 52 sec.