Archived Takeaways

On this page you will find audio/video elements that  in some way we hope  enriches your life, by providing some of life’s important lessons and adds value to your day.  Please keep in mind, some content is more parent related, but you will find good stuff for the whole family.

Blessings, Lon & Anita

Tim Hawkins is hilarious.  A Christian comedian that finds humor in everyday life.  His work is clean and family friendly.  Run time 4 min, 53 sec.

The right approach to model building.   What happens to be a great hobby for many, modeling serves to  inspire career building for others. 17 min, 31 sec.


Homeschoolers tend to have a lot of books.  If you are in that club, you might find this video helpful.  From display to storage, some good suggestions.  Run time 10:18.


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Who is teaching your kids?

Jordan Peterson

4:45 Run Time

Jim Rohn says-  A standard education will give you standard results.  What books are you reading, how big is your library?  Run time 8:26


Bob Hope WWII Excerpts,  American entertainer and a hero in his own right.  He travelled the Pacific motivating and entertaining our troops from World War II to the Vietnam war.

Freedom to Chains, a 1965 prophetic message from an American icon, Paul Harvey Runtime 12:34.

Wood Carving, can be a very rewarding hobby and a means of artistic expression.   This a nice beginner video for someone with interest.  Runtime 14:42.

The Pledge of Allegiance as you may have never heard it.  Without borders and without love or appreciation of country we have no country. 

Check this out.  A great hobby with sweet rewards.  We all win with a healthy bee population.

The Gettysburg Address is among our nation’s most treasured documents.  We can have some fun at Don Knotts’ expense as he tries to recite it.

Here’s some fun do it yourself science experiments the kids can do at home.

If there is an aspiring artist in your family, we would encourage you to become familiar with the work of Bob Ross.  While he’s no longer with us, his artwork lives on.

8/8/19 Candace Owens on very relevant educational and cultural issues.  The first 33 minutes is her speaking, followed by question and answers.  Mature and parental subject matter.

2014 Commencement speech by Admiral McRaven.