How Homeschooling and Hobbies Are Perfectly Matched

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Why have a hobby?

  It seems to me, hobbies and home schooling were meant for each other.  Most home schooled students have an unbridled imagination on one hand and better control of their calendars on the other.  Because of the nature of hobbies, I believe the learning environment is highly stimulated by the emotional attachment.  I’ve always had a fascination with peoples’ hobbies, partly because of the variety and partly the extent of dedication. Hobbies can range from a passive activity to extraordinary levels of obsession. 

  Frequently, because of a certain dedication factor, a hobby will take on the status of a business.  It’s been said that when this happens it is no longer a hobby. The potential for that to occur is certainly there, but I’m not entirely convinced.  So why have a hobby?  A short list of reasons would have to include, something positive to pass the time, a means of expression, and a desire to be unique or specialized. Have you noticed that most dedicated hobbyists have a certain degree of excellence?  Excellence comes from studying, a desire to master and constant repetition or application.  It’s at this point; your hobby has the potential to be monetized.  Skills and expertise are always worthy of reward.

What type of hobby

Hobbies typically have two dimensions, things people collect, or things people do.  Collections can range from sports collectibles to chess sets.  A collection can be modern, aged and dated or something in between.  Accumulations might include; bottles, books, stamps, coins, paintings, salt and pepper shakers (my mom) or ceramic chickens (wife’s mom).  Perhaps because I’m a sports collectibles hobbyist, I’ve always been intrigued with things others collect.

The other side of the hobby spectrum sees that a guy or gal is motivated to express them self by what they do. The types of hobbies in the activities category might encompass; wood working, pottery, scuba diving, or golfing.  It could range from re-building cars to mountain climbing.  This might include fishing, shooting, ping pong, mushroom picking, painting, photography, gardening and on and on and on.  There is really no end to the variety of hobby choices.

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Benefits of a hobby

I encourage people of all ages to have hobbies.  Hobbies teach us.  They help us to stay mentally sharp and reduce idle time.  What offers more value, building something or watching television?  With some mastery, a hobby can put us in a position to teach and when we teach, we internalize even more.  Hobbies can relieve stress.  Hobbies can build confidence and add self-worth.  Hobbies express our uniqueness and creativity.  Hobbies can be a friendship builder.  A hobby reduces the distracting noises of the world and gives us something we can actually control at a personal level.  Hobbies are healthy.  So if you don’t yet have a hobby, get out there, go find one and have some fun!  Write back and share with the world what’s your hobby. 

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